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Since 1984, Weller Ltd has been growing strong in the field of machine, apparatus and container construction specialized for users in all industrial fields. Due to the long and profound experience in the processing of sheet metal, steel, stainless steel, titanium and aluminum, not only can we fall back on a diverse product line – which extends from laser-parts, various types of containers, to specially developed industrial cleaning-supply systems – but we are also very proud of our many long-standing customers, who have placed their trust in us again and again.

We have not only made it our business to produce high quality for the highest demands, but we also use our know-how for the development of new products. For this reason, we were recently able to contribute an innovative solution to the field of parts cleaning: The compressed-air-free Weller Typhoon.

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System supplier for engineering
System supplier for engineering

We offer you maximum flexibility and therefore quick, innovative solutions for your production processes.

Industrial parts cleaning systems
Industrial parts cleaning systems

We plan, design and produce systems from the self-sufficient system to the cleaning box.

Swarf filtration equipment & accessories
Swarf filtration equipment & accessories

Conveying and filtering contaminated cooling lubricants and chips is our passion.

Container Construction & Metalworking
Container Construction & Metalworking

We specialize in stainless steel and special materials containers and we guarantee the highest quality.

The Weller Typhon
Exclusively design by Weller Ltd
New wind for you processes
The Weller Typhoon is the first process-reliable, low-maintenance and energy-efficient solution for compressed-air-free parts cleaning and thus an essential answer to the enormous demands within intermediate cleaning.

Our distinguishing qualities


Everything from one source

Everything from the idea, the engineering, production and documentation, up to the extraditable product, it all comes from one source, us.

Over 30 years of experience

Know-how does not come overnight but takes time. For more than 30 years, we have been able to expand our expertise.

Highly qualified staff

Our employees are not only committed to and excellently trained in many areas, but they often already support us in their first apprenticeship years.

High-quality materials

The spectrum of our carefully selected materials includes steel, aluminum, stainless steel and titanium.

Cutting-edge technologies

For your success, we keep up with the times, which is why we always put high value on using the latest technologies in machine construction.

A small excerpt from our diverse product range

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