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  • Sybille Wagner
    Sybille Wagner Headquarters

    Tel: 07973-9692-0
    Fax: 07973-9692-10

  • Martin Schwendemann
    Martin Schwendemann Design Manager

    Tel: 07973-9692-22
    Fax: 07973-9692-10

  • Manfred Steiner
    Manfred Steiner Sales Manager

    Tel: 07973-9692-82
    Fax: 07973-9692-10

  • Andreas Kühn
    Andreas Kühn Production Manager

    Tel: 07973-9692-83
    Fax: 07973-9692-11

  • Frank Berghof
    Frank Berghof Managing Director

    Tel: 07973-9692-0
    Fax: 07973-9692-10

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