The Weller Typhoon

New wind for your processes

The Weller Typhoon is the first process-reliable, low-maintenance and energy-efficient solution for compressed-air-free parts cleaning and thus an essential answer to the enormous demands within intermediate cleaning. Whether it be crankshafts, drive and transmission shafts, cylinder heads or gear housing; The Weller Typhoon optimizes efficiency and, in the long term, your production lines.

In addition to its compressed-air-free wet and dry cleaning, the Weller Typhoon also supports a self-sufficient system execution by means of a concept for sustainable soiling-prevention in the cleaning chamber, as well as the fast adjustment of the nozzle to different workpieces, which doesn’t require the attention of a nozzle-adjustment-expert.

Intensive cleaning with blast air

Energy saving with low power rating and frequency-controlled compressors

Acceleration of processes by eliminating changeover time

Consistent cleaning process by contactless, device independent blowing and injection components and controllable process routes

Low maintenance and low soiling machine execution

Integration in chained lines and short cycle times. Less then 1 min possible

Selective cleaning of workpiece areas

Intermediate cleaning

reduction of the spread of swarf and cooling lubricants into the next production step


targeted cleaning before assembly operations (e.g. assembly valve guide)

Cooling lubricants and special oil recovery

before and after a special procedure (e.g. honing, coating) or before final cleaning to avoid cross soiling into the wash water


applying and blowing off excess preservative (non-drip)

Preparation Cleaning

before rework or quality test

Blow off

of washing water / oil coated components

Energy Consumption

Practical example: cylinder head

Side channel blowers max. Power consumption 6.3 kWh when cleaning, 2 KWh when idling in bypass.

Cycle time: 48 sec.
Cleaning process time: 6,3 KWh: 30 sec. (62,5%) = 3,94 KWh
Idle time: 2,0 KWh: 18 sec. (37,5%) = 0,75 KWh
Power consumption /h: = 4,69 KWh
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